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equipments: a Goemon-bath tab, a firewood stove,a hearth,a firewood heater and an air conditioner.

It is an old house. House for rent.

Cookware and dishes gas stove,microwave,toaster etc are prepared. 

Charcoal for hearth furnace and firewood for wood stove are extra charge.

Goemon Furo. The hot water boiling with firewood warms up to the core of the body.

I can not experience in town, life with flames.

Comfortable wind ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bird's voice, rainy ,,,

Country time to feel happiness in nothing.


Western-style toilet

View from outside the living room. Beyond the road you can see rice paddies and mountains. Nearby creeks are also famous for fireflies.(June)


Tatami floor Futon bed room

This house is [Goemon].

Japanese life is here. It is not tourismized.

Traditional architecture and living

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