​Your Home away from Home

A one hour drive north from the city center of Kyoto through Shuzan Kaido and Route162 will bring you to GOEMON, Keihoku.


Keihoku is a village blessed with natural environment of beautiful forests and mountains.

The four seasons are so distinct, you will enjoy nature all year round.


“GOEMON” has been restored to be your home away from home.

Your stay at GOEMON will be enjoyable and leisurely,

breathing brisk morning air of the mountains,

experiencing a long standing traditional life with the furnace, sitting around a fire of the sunken hearth.


You can also experience “making pottery” in our kiln.(Now it is renovating and resting)



Goemon is an old Japanese traditional farm house. 


You will enjoy the vista of village forests,fields and birds singing from your windows. The local fields produce fresh farm hervest of each season.


There’s an open hearth and a furnace in the living room.It will be an interesting experience to cook on the hearth with firewood.

We’d like you to savor the scent of the Japanese traditional farm house, brisk morning air of mountains, a life of native style of water, earth and fire.


We offer you lots of other activities in each season. Please check all activities for each season.

One day rental cycling      ¥1000

Cycling map Keihoku Kyoto


Banja is currently undergoing renovations,

so please wait for it to open.

We accept reservation at GOEMON.

Please click the photo!!

四辻木材 四辻日記







​  おふろ部


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